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Being a houseboat owner I noticed how curious passers-by were about its interior. I was bombarded with questions. How are you supplied with water and electricity? Where does the waste water go? Isn't it cold, damp and dark onboard? All questions to which people desired an answer. And so the idea to open up a houseboat to the public arose; the Houseboat museum opened in 1997. Now visitors can see for themselves what it's like to live on a houseboat in Amsterdam. Please come and visit the "Hendrika Maria", and feel right at home!

Vincent van Loon


woonbootmuseum pentekening interieur

Its unique location on the Prinsengracht, bordering the renowned Jordaan, ensures for a splendid setting for the historic museum boat. Look under Visitor's Information to see exactly where the museum is moored: close to the Anne Frank House, the Westertoren and the Leidseplein.

woonbootmuseum pentekening ligplaats
woonbootmuseum foto naambord

The Houseboat Museum is situated on the "Hendrika Maria", a former freighter, built in 1914. Up and till the 1960s the boat primarily transported sand and gravel, after which time it was converted into a houseboat; whilst maintaining its outward historic appearance. The "Hendrika Maria" has housed people for more than twenty years now. In fact, nowadays it looks like the owners have just popped out to the shops.

Prinsengracht 296 K
1016 HW Amsterdam